Interior decorating

With a slight break in the rain last week I was able to chuck a few coats of paint onto the outside

When this was dry I attached the door. I do wish I had painted it all before building it! Next was a bit of interior decorating.

I attached lots of insulation to the insides, secured with staples. I focused mainly on the area which will have a box for sleeping in. The idea is for the rabbits to have somewhere warm to sleep in winter and to also snooze somewhere cool in summer. 

The self adhesive laminate tiles went down too, they were only cheap from b&q. 

I built a box up in the corner, I seem to be lacking photos of these so I shall grab some and upload them later.

The door and filling in gaps

Today’s job was the door. I removed it from the playhouse as it has hardly stopped raining since Friday and did it in my living room. Thankfully long suffering husband is used to me taking over the floor with projects.

I painted it various shades of green, insulated part of it and fitted the windows. The insulation is protected from any nibbling bunnies by a layer of mesh. The paint still needs tidying up a little but I’m pleased with it.

I noticed a lot of gaps in the playhouse so used Polyfilla to fill these.

Don’t wear slippers when working with pointy things

This build was not as simple as I anticipated it would be…

The playhouse arrived today at 1, a lovely Polish bloke with the thickest arms I’ve ever seen dropped it off. It came in many, many, many pieces which was a bit daunting. I got about hanging the door, screwing things together, realising i had used the wrong hinges on the door, un-hanging the door, re-hanging the door, swearing a lot, and so on. 

I managed the minimal amount of damage to myself too aside from when I received a mystery injury to my finger which only became apparent when I was leaving bloody fingerprints around. Later on I dropped the nail I needed, fortunately I found it quickly enough. Unfortunately it was sticking into my foot.

I had to work quite quickly as I wanted to get the roof on before it went dark, thankfully I achieved this. I have vowed never to felt a roof again though, it was much harder work than I imagined it would be. So, here is 5 hours of single handedly nearly completely putting up a playhouse:

The rabbits are in the hutch without access to the run for tonight. This weekend I need to bunny proof and insulate, build a nice shelf for them to sit on in there and I think a nice big hay rack would be good too. The paint job needs finishing; the back and sides are complete but the front needs doing.

I need to finish the roof and stick on the finishing touches of wood.

I will be wearing my work boots for all future work with sharp things, not my slippers.

It’s a plan!

So here it is, the plan!


I’ll be getting rid of the hutch in favour of a wooden childs play house. I’ve ordered this one from Elbec for £150, I looked at building my own however after costing it all up it would have been much, much more.


I’ll stick a shelf into it so the bunnies can have a look out of the window, they seem to like sitting high up where they’ve got a good view. Some mesh in the window too will mean I can leave it open in summer to keep them cool.


A bit of insulation and a box stuffed with hay will give them a lovely warm home in winter too.

The journey so far

I really enjoy a bit of DIY, unfortunately I’m not especially good at it. Creating and developing new enviroments for my rabbits has been an interesting experience which involved lots of swearing, learning, drilling a hole into my hand and ultimately a bit of fun.

The First setup

This setup consisted of a chicken coop and 2 runs attached together. One of the runs was made by a neighbour and to be quite honest is was rubbish.


Setup number two

This was my absolute pride, I built an aviary for the bunnies!


Setup the Third

I bought a new hutch from pets at home, a double one which hooks up to the aviary. The chicken coop got chopped down so it only took up half the room and replaced the 4ft hutch which was in the aviary. Recently I went to war with the Ivy and won, this has meant I’ve been able to remove the back of the aviary. This is where we are up to now, as you can see the aviary is not standing the test of time.



Over the next few months I’ll be redoing the entire thing. I want it to look good and last a long time as well as live up to the recommendations by the RWAF. So, that’s what this blog is all about. I’m going to design and build a new rabbit enviroment!